Essential steps to follow for music marketing.
Marketing is an important part of your career. A huge majority of businesses are dependent on successful marketing. Marketing will usually involve advertising, promotions, maintaining a strong relationship with the audience to create good public relations, good and sales. You need to market your material to the right audience, it may help you to gain and maximize sales of your music. In - order to do this there are 4 major steps you need to consider. These are product, price, place, promotion.
Now I will break down these steps further and explain them individually.

Product: If you are selling something you need to know what it is. If you do not know what it is then that means you do not have a product, it's possible you just have an idea. In this type of situation you need to develop the product. So being a singer, your product should be the songs you are trying to sell. What you would need to do is record your songs and have them packaged and ready to be sold either in digital format mp3 or on CD, maybe Vinyl records or on cassettes. You need to get the artwork and photography of the jewel case to have the look of a professional standard because this will sometimes attract your audience. Provided you do all these things you will have a product that is developed and should be ready for marketing

Price: Price is also important there is no need to give your genre of music an astronomical price tag that no one would normally be prepared to spend on your genre of music. You would actually be putting potential customers off of your product because they think its too expensive compared to your other competitors. Another thing is if you under price your product you may also seem as if you are desperate and trying to make a sale. The main thing you need to do with this is to make sure that you do your research so that you are in the same pricing category as your competitors.

Place: Place is important you do not want to place your CD in an area where they don't normally buy music that you have created. Like trying to sell an explicit gangster rap product in a children's entertainment store. You will have difficulty selling your product and you will be faced with a lot of rejection from distributors and retailers who do not stock your genre of music.

Promotion: You raise public awareness of your product by telling news media companies, journalists and members of the public. This can be done via leaflets showcases and summits. Promotion is very important as long as you aim your product at a promoter who normally promotes your kind of music and you are both happy with the music then promotion should not be that much of a problem. The hard work mainly is finding a good promoter. Well good luck.
Essential steps to follow for music marketing
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