Why creativity is essential in the music industry
Creativity is process in which you use your creative original brain to create ideas that are not factual but you make them a reality. Creativity can be used in the form of songs, art work and poetry. Creativity is something that can be important towards getting a song created. Make sure you are original and make sure you do not copy other peoples ideas as this is copyright infringement. The way to look at the task of creativity is to remember that if you do not write the words to a song or make it up in your mind you will not have a song to record. You could ask a friend who you think can write a song to help you. But always remember that if you are going to use the help of a friend to write a song then it is always safe to write and agree on a contract just in case the song is a successful hit. You need to consider and agree what type of percentage your friend is going to get from royalties for his/her creative input. Remember contracts are legally binding so you must pay the agreed royalties to your friend. Not only will your friend share part ownership of the rights to your song but he/she will also become your business partner once this contractual agreement is made.

Creativity is an important aspect of music production. If you are creative then the fact that your creation is not a reality, it is in the mind then you need to make preparations to record your idea for future reference. Always try to carry a pen and a note pad so that you can write down the words to your songs that you just thought of. It can be a nightmare when you have thought of a brilliant idea for a song but when you get home you have totally forgotten the idea and forgotten how you wanted the song to sound. Mini digital recorders are good for recording your ideas as they will stay in the memory of the recorder for along time, as long as they are saved correctly. The main problem that you may find with mini digital recorders is that they some times loose all of your audio files from the memory, this can be a big problem. Digital mobile phones and digital dictating machines also have the same problem. They are all good recorders but there is always a possibility of digital error or memory failure. I prefer to use old school mini cassette recorders because they do not loose memory. You need to make sure you make a back up copy just in case the cassette gets damaged. Creativity is essential for creating music but if you think you are not creative enough don't worry you can get help from other creative people.

Why creativty is essential in the music industry
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